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Astra Jigsaw Asian Holidays is a collection of jigsaw puzzles by Lena Games
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Astra Jigsaw Asian Holidays is a collection of jigsaw puzzles by Lena Games. This edition invites you to explore Asia by means of stunning photographs that will show you the landmarks and typical landscapes of this fascinating continent, from the impressive skylines in Hong Kong, to the calmer and more contemplative landscapes of the countryside in Cambodia. Pagodas, statues, gardens, parks, traditional celebrations, and all that makes this culture unique is present in this puzzle collection.

Creating jigsaw puzzles with this program is a quick and easy task. To begin with, you have the possibility of choosing among different shape types; besides the classic one, you will find figures of animals, letters, and other uncommon forms. Also, you can select the amount pieces for your puzzle, although the number varies according to the photograph you choose, it usually ranges from 24 to 1176, which makes the game suitable for adults and kids alike. To increase the difficulty level, you can choose to rotate and randomize the pieces or remove the frame.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the program is the number of features it offers. All the tools you could possibly need to play in a comfortable, organized way are right there at hand; just to name a few, you will find additional windows and pockets to store pieces, which are useful in case your puzzle is large; a magnifying glass will help you identify tiny pieces, and it's possible to change the background color or use a texture that contrasts better with your puzzle. Some new features of this version include different playing modes, the chance of choosing among several visual effects, and an autosave feature with a customizable interval.

As soon as you launch Astra Jigsaw, you will notice the interface looks simple and all the functions are easily accessible. Not only does it have numerous, handy tools to play at ease, but also provides multiple options to create and customize your jigsaws. The trial version comes with only 5 photographs, but if you decide to register it, you will get access to the whole collection that consists of 100 photos and has a cost of $14. In my opinion, it's really worth it.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Beautiful photographs
  • Feature-rich application with numerous, useful tools
  • Several piece shapes to choose
  • Suitable for all ages


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